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Drum Buss Processing: Fabfilter Pro MB

May 26, 2017

This is the first in series of several videos that I am doing that shows various plugins on the drum buss. Depending on what you are looking for there are many great options to do the job. For this video I am using the Fabfilter Pro-MB.

Exploring The Acustica Color EQ

May 23, 2017

I wanted to share a really powerful plugin EQ that I’ve been using recently called the Color EQ by Acustica Audio. It has a very simple to use layout with a great sounding preamp section to go with the 4 EQ bands. This company has tons of other great stuff that I suggest you check out as well.

Get Fatter Bass with Sound Radix Surfer EQ 2

May 12, 2017

In this video I show how the Sound Radix Surfer EQ can be used to get fatter bass tracks without overpowering the other elements in the mix.  This is a continuation from my previous two videos where I show ways to get the most out of your kick drum and bass guitar tracks in a mix.  Please hit subscribe on my youtube channel if you haven’t already and give it a like and leave a comment.  Thanks!

Side-Chain Compression with Fabfilter Pro-C 2

May 5, 2017

In this video I explain what side chain compression is and give an example of it in use. This particular demonstration shows how it can help with the low end relationship between a kick drum and bass guitar.

L.A. GUNS “The Missing Peace” Album Release Date

May 3, 2017

The album is now completed with the release date of October 6, 2017. It will be available in CD, Digital, & Vinyl formats through Frontier Records.

  1. It’s All The Same To Me
  2. Speed
  3. A Drop Of Bleach
  4. Sticky Fingers
  5. Christine
  6. Baby Gotta Fever
  7. Kill It Or Die
  8. Don’t Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
  9. The Flood’s The Fault Of The Rain
  10. The Devil Made Me Do It
  11. The Missing Peace
  12. Gave It All Away

LA Guns The Missing Peace Cover

Exploring The HOFA IQ Analyser

April 28, 2017

For this video I’d like to share a powerful audio tool which is the HOFA IQ Analyser.  It’s helpful in many ways and I’ll explain them in this video.


David Kidd Using The Vertigo Sound VSE-2 EQ

April 7, 2017

Today I am sharing a video that I did for Vertigo Sound featuring David Kidd showing some of his techniques with the VSE-2 Gyrator EQ. Check it out!

David Kidd Intro

Greg Wurth’s Favorite Plugins: Slate Digital

March 31, 2017

The next brand in my Favorite Plugins series is Slate Digital. They make a handful of fantastic plugins that I use all of the time. I suggest to give them a try if you’re not already an Everything Bundle Subscriber.

Greg Wurth’s Favorite Plugins: UAD

March 24, 2017

In this video I share my favorite and most used UAD Plugins. I will be doing a series of these where I focus on specific brands and share the plugins I like from them. Keep an eye out for future videos in this series.

David Kidd Speaks About Using Vertigo Sound

March 22, 2017

Here’s Part 1 of 3 videos that I did with David Kidd for Vertigo Sound.

Click Image to Watch.

David Kidd Intro