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Exploring Verbsuite Classics by Slate Digital

December 2, 2016

In this episode I demonstrate the Slate Digital Verbsuite Classics reverb plugin on drums. I typically use three different reverb types to build an over all drum sound that can fit will in a mix. This plugin suite offers 8 emulations of classic reverb units to choose from. For this video I chose to use the FG-480, FG-16X, & FG-6000. I definitely suggest checking this out for yourself.

Book Your Next Project with Greg Wurth

November 30, 2016


Pro Tools Quick Tips

November 25, 2016

Happy Friday!
This is a video that was requested by several viewers. I was asked to show people how to go about organizing your plugin list in different ways as well as saving favorites within pro tools. I also added a few quick keys to help speed up your workflow.

I always assume that my viewers know most of this stuff but sometimes people may need a bit more in depth explanations. So please feel free to contact me and I will consider doing more videos like this.

Have a great Holiday weekend and keep an eye out for all those great Black Friday deals!

Barry Rudolph reviews The Oracle Summing Mixer!

November 23, 2016


Engineer/producer Greg Wurth offers his Oracle Summing Mixer a 16-channel analog summing system that uses Steve Firlotte’s highly touted VF600 discrete amplifier blocks and four Cinemag CMOB-3L transformers. The Oracle was originally built as a custom, “one-off” unit specified by Wurth to meet his own personal sonic expectations and “no compromise” high quality standards for a mixing system. It comes in a 2U all-steel cabinet with separate power supply and connecting cable. Internal construction is top-notch with all audio switching performed by Omron G6K-2P 12-volt relays. All of the 20 VF600s (16 for the line inputs and four more for the two stereo outputs) are held down in their sockets by long metal straps that also provide some heat sinking…… [click to read more]

Using Plugin Alliance bx_stereomaker on Guitars

November 18, 2016

Here we have a quick example of how the bx_stereomaker can be used to add some life to a guitar track. It can be used on many other sources in different ways. I suggest to download the demo and give it a try for yourself. ****Headphones are suggested to properly hear the effect of this plugin.

Gear Chat w/ Greg Wurth & Mike Avenaim

November 11, 2016

In this new episode Mike Avenaim shares his personal drum recording set up. He’s got some choice rack gear and microphones to offer an extremely versatile palette of tonal options. Check out the video below! Also if you missed his interview with Lisamarie Costabile you should definitely check that one out as well.

Research & Development: The Oracle Summing Mixer from Greg Wurth Audio

November 7, 2016

Well respected top bloggers Sonic Scoop has featured The Oracle Summing Mixer in the recent Research & Development Article.  Check it out to find out how “The Oracle” has come to life.


Exploring bx_rooM/S by Plugin Alliance

November 4, 2016

In this video I demonstrate the sounds of the bx_rooM/S reverb from Plugin Alliance. It’s a versatile plugin with mid side eq allowing you to shape the sounds you need for your mix.

Mike Avenaim Talks Drums, Scott Weiland, & Making It In LA

October 29, 2016

Mike Avenaim is a Drummer, Producer, Composer and Multi-Instrumentalist that has worked with the likes of Scott Weiland, Emblem3, Zella Day, M-Phazes, The McClymonts, Troy Harley, Colby O’ Donis, Rai Thistlethwayte, Reece Mastin (X-Factor Winner), Casey Donovan (Australian Idol) amongst many others. He invited us into his wonderful studio to chat with Lisamarie about his beginnings and what he is working on now. You can connect with him via his website.

Steve Vai Drummer Jeremy Colson Rig Rundown

October 21, 2016

I’d like to share a special video featuring Steve Vai’s Drummer, Jeremy Colson, giving us a rundown of his rig for the “Passion & Warfare” 25th Anniversary Tour.  Be sure to check them out if they pass near your town.  It’s not a show to be missed!