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Exploring The HOFA IQ Analyser

April 28, 2017

For this video I’d like to share a powerful audio tool which is the HOFA IQ Analyser.  It’s helpful in many ways and I’ll explain them in this video.


David Kidd Using The Vertigo Sound VSE-2 EQ

April 7, 2017

Today I am sharing a video that I did for Vertigo Sound featuring David Kidd showing some of his techniques with the VSE-2 Gyrator EQ. Check it out!

David Kidd Intro

Greg Wurth’s Favorite Plugins: Slate Digital

March 31, 2017

The next brand in my Favorite Plugins series is Slate Digital. They make a handful of fantastic plugins that I use all of the time. I suggest to give them a try if you’re not already an Everything Bundle Subscriber.

Greg Wurth’s Favorite Plugins: UAD

March 24, 2017

In this video I share my favorite and most used UAD Plugins. I will be doing a series of these where I focus on specific brands and share the plugins I like from them. Keep an eye out for future videos in this series.

David Kidd Speaks About Using Vertigo Sound

March 22, 2017

Here’s Part 1 of 3 videos that I did with David Kidd for Vertigo Sound.

Click Image to Watch.

David Kidd Intro

Mixing a Reggae Track Pt.2: Dub

March 17, 2017

This is the second installment of my original “Mixing a Reggae Track” video. In this video I dive into what is referred to as “Dub” which is a creative use of effects during a mix. I hope you enjoy it!

I realize in this video I say this is a different song than Part 1 but what I meant to say us that it’s a different mix of the same song.

Dave Weiner Rig Walkthrough

March 10, 2017

Dave Weiner gives a very informative walkthrough of his rig during the Steve Vai Passion & Warfare Tour. Tons of great guitars and gear. I hope you enjoy it! Also be sure to check out his great website GUITOPIA.

Sam Knaak of Ear Witness Studios at NAMM 2017

March 3, 2017

We caught up with friend Sam Knaak for a quick interview. Check out what he’s up to at NAMM 2017.

Wave Distribution at NAMM 2017

February 24, 2017

Our last stop is the Wave Distribution booth home of many great brands; Empirical Labs, Luke Audio, Teegarden Audio, Big Bear Audio, and Serpent. They had some amazing gear at the show that you will want to check out!

M1 Distribution at NAMM 2017

February 17, 2017

Next stop at NAMM 2017 was the M1 Distribution booth. For this visit we spoke to Barefoot Sound, Spectra Sonics, Acme Audio, & Overstayer. They all have some amazing products to share. I hope you like it!